Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, Twit

There's a wonderfully idiotic "defense of marriage" article written by the "most reverend" Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, the "Bishop of Brooklyn" in today's NY Daily News. What a dolt. Not only is he in outer space on the moral issues but there are misspelled words and, my favorite, he begins his mighty conclusion with a long non-sentence. Apparently the bishop didn't do too well in school. Here's that conclusion (I've bolded the non-sentence, for fun):
As the chief shepherd of the Catholics in our City's two most populous boroughs, Brooklyn and Queens, the decision of our Catholic Governor and State Legislature to overturn the common understanding of marriage that, despite many developments over thousands of years, has always been understood between a man and woman. That there was virtually no public debate on the issue and that the entire matter was concluded in just over thirty-minutes late on a Friday evening is disgraceful.

As a protest, I have asked my collaborators not to bestow or accept honors, nor to extend a platform of any kind to any state elected official, in all our parishes and churches for the foreseeable future.
Big penalty, huh? No more honors to or from the sky god. That's tough. In closing, I give props to the commenters at the News site who did a great job of trouncing this dim-witted mountebank. If you read the whole story, check out the comments. Zing!

With leaders like this, the church will be dead in 20 years. And I say hooray.