Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Will wonders never cease?

Unbelievably, I saw two good movies on the Sci-Fi Channel, which thinks its name is the SyFy Channel and which we actually think of as the Siffy Channel. But yeah, the movies were great.

One is "Let Me In". It's a vampire tale told from an unusual angle, from the viewpoint of two children, one of whom is a vampire. The movie includes few adults yet I didn't even notice this because the kids were so fascinating. These two 12-year-olds are wonderful actors. Each scene involves at least one of them, and they are never boring. I won't say more. If you like vampire tales and good acting, rent it.

The other movie I recorded as a lark, thinking it would be stupendously bad, something I could laugh at. I was dead wrong. It's called "Seconds Apart" and it's the story of two teenage boys, twins who have psychic powers. They're also psychopaths who use people like puppets and then wipe their minds of memories. Okay, sounds like the terrible movie I envisioned, right? Not so, because the two boys are such fun. They're sort of goth, gay boys and their psycho aspects are amusingly played. These kids interest you; you want to watch them. Anyway, the movie surprised me. I could easily see it gaining cult status, particularly among teenagers.

Now for the elephant in the room -- neither of these movies were cheap knock-offs yet I found them on the Siffy Channel! This means we've shifted into an alternate universe, again. Keep your eyes peeled for violations of the known laws of physics! Anything could happen now. Anything!