Friday, June 29, 2012

Awwww. Doris Singleton died.

Remember Doris Singleton? She was Lucy's perennial neighbor and women's club member (on the I Love Lucy show). I used to love her character. There was just something special about her voice. It seemed to encapsulate the 1950s.

To this day, I find myself hearing (in her voice) the word, "Honestly!" Remember how people used this word, way back when? In today's terms, it would translate as "You've got to be kidding!" I still say "Honestly!" just like she did and every time I do it, I think of her. She lives in me. Truly.

Doris Singleton added something to this world. To my mind, that's what we should hope people say about us after we're gone. We were a plus, and the world is lessened by our departure.