Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I created a blog for Xmas Carol

Now I have three blogs -- this one, another one that is identical except it has graphics, and a separate blog for Xmas Carol.

The reason I did this was to tart up my author's page at Amazon. You can include a blog feed on the page, and at first I linked to my main blog (the one you're reading now). But the anti-god posts didn't seem to be a good fit with a sci-fi/horror author's page. I didn't want to scare folks away before they learned what a sweet guy I am.

So I created the Xmas Carol blog. You can see it on the right on my author's page at Amazon (link above) and there's also a link to the blog on my Smashwords author's page.

Not only will this provide a dynamic lift to my author's page, it will give me a place to discuss writing. I used to do that here but this blog morphed into a fierce anti-god site. I applaud this purpose but posts about writing no longer seem to fit in. If any readers were fans of my writing posts (just search on the tag writing process below to see these posts) you'll find new ones at the Xmas Carol blog. (At least, you will when I write them. I'm just getting started there. I have one introductory post up, at present.)

Just FYI.