Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Evil woman plans to fat-shame trick-or-treaters

Seriously, how twisted can you be?
Children in a North Dakota neighborhood may be slated to get an awful surprise this Halloween: A local woman is reportedly planning to hand out "fat letters," instead of candy, to kids she thinks are "moderately obese."
Way to go, lady. I wish I lived near this woman. I'd write tons of "You're incredibly ugly and evil" letters to her. I wouldn't mail them; I'd hand them to her everywhere she goes. And I'd try to enlist others in my scheme so she'd think the whole town was in on it. The Wal-Mart greeter, for instance, could offer her one of these letters. This might give her a hint of the traumatic feelings she will inspire in children by fat-shaming them and ruining their Halloween.

This woman would have enjoyed the Spanish Inquisition tremendously. Too bad she missed it. Oh, and she knows she's being evil. She only offered her first name -- Cheryl -- when she announced her dastardly plan to a radio station. Murderers and such instinctively hide from the authorities.

Cheryl, you're a goddamn pig.