Saturday, October 26, 2013

The high cost of weed

An article at HuffPo says the price of marijuana in the United States is highest where it's illegal. Check out their graphic. It rates areas of the country from lowest price for an ounce ($150) to highest ($400). I beg to differ.

New Jersey has a medical marijuana law that Christie was basically forced to enact. Here's a snippet from that era:
Christie fought an expansion of medical marijuana, until the legislature included several changes — and until public pressure mounted. "He kind of got backed into a corner by so much pressure," Ken Wolski, chief executive officer of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey, told Reuters.
Isn't he wonderful? As a result of Christie's machinations, the lucky sick people of New Jersey who need medical marijuana for pain are charged $400 an ounce. Through my close kinship with the common peoples of the world, I've discovered that an ounce of illegal marijuana in this area (NY/NJ) costs only $200.

NJ's governor sure has a sick streak kind heart. Thanks a lot, Christie, you fat slob.