Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Good creationism article at Slate

I always enjoy a good evisceration of the creationist stance, and this one does the job admirably. It's by Mark Joseph Stern.

One thing jumped out at me:
True believers yearn for the rest of us to be locked up in the same mental prison where they have consigned themselves and their children.
Yes, indeed. And this is the basis of their jealous rage against atheists. How dare atheists and other free folks not consign themselves to a equally horrible prison? This gets on their nerves. It's why old religious guys are always telling people they're going to hell. (Note the glee in their eyes as they say this!) They so want this to be true. Because if it's not, they've lived their entire lives in a squalid prison for absolutely no reason.

Yup. Ha ha.