Monday, February 17, 2014

Things are looking up

I received good news yesterday. Casey Shain agreed to do the cover for the next book. Woo hoo! He's the artist who created the Xmas Carol cover. As I told him when we spoke, each time I see that cover I'm thrilled. It's the perfect image for the story.

So it's all systems go. The new book -- The Worlds -- is being written as we speak, and now we know that it will be well-dressed. BTW, you may have noticed that "The Worlds" is also the name of this blog. I named it after the book because, well, it's the greatest story ever told. The concept of The Worlds is literally the mother of all ideas. You'll see. (Snickers to self.)

Okay, it's time to write. Thanks, Casey. You put the wind in my sails by agreeing to do the cover. And as for my blog readers, if you haven't read Xmas Carol yet, get yourself a copy and dive in. You'll be glad you did. It will frighten and startle you while showing you things you've never seen or dreamed of. It will also make you laugh -- and in the end, it will lift your spirits. (PS: Did I mention that it provides an alternative to the god idea? A real alternative?)

The book is calling to me. Gotta go.