Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The marriage equality flag

Now that the "gay flag" has fully morphed into the equality flag, I purchased two of them. And it's not just because I'm gay. A lot of straight people are flying this flag because they support marriage equality. And that's a very nice sentiment.

Mind you, marriage bores me to death no matter the sex of the people involved. Marriage sounds like jail to me. One of the happiest thoughts I will ever have is "I never got married. Hooray!" So it's a bit difficult to cheer the scads of marriage-happy gays.

We must have the right to marry, of course. It's a crucial battle that has to be fought in every state and country. That I can get behind. But seriously, don't even tell me about your marriage. I'll just get bored.

Why did I buy two? So I'll have one on hand when a friend inevitably says, "Oh, I wish I had one of those!" I'll hand it over toute suite.

If you're not flying a "marriage equality flag", why not? Go get one today.