Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I want a dog

Lately I've had a powerful urge to get a dog. So far, I haven't acted on it. But I'm close.

If I do get a dog, will I still be happy about this decision when it's raining or snowing and the dog is looking up at me with those "gotta go" eyes? Seriously, they can't use indoor bathrooms -- some kind of genetic defect, or something. Will I happily tend to this dog's needs?

Of course I'll take good care of the dog, if I get one. I love all animals (and birds and fish and bugs and pretty much everything else; I even like wasps and spiders) so there's no way I'd let it suffer in any way. But will I resent having to make this effort? That's what worries me.

Right now, I'm pleased with my outdoor pets. Every day, I feed four crows, six squirrels, about a dozen blue jays, and two groundhogs. So okay, the ground hogs are hibernating right now. But I'm still handing out peanuts to the other guys. I just stick my head out and call, "Crow!!!" and they all come. It's like a Disney movie, very zippity doo dah.

I enjoy this, but is it enough? I like the idea of snuggling with a smallish dog in the evenings, preferably with the creature on my lap. That sounds so warm. And since we're in the middle of a cold spell, this seems appealing.

To adopt or not to adopt. That is the question. I guess I'll just fret about it some more. Don't worry, I'll share my decision when I make it.