Sunday, December 26, 2010

The joy of having internal resources

I've mentioned that "the holidays" are my least favorite time of year. Everything is boring and no one does anything useful. I mean, I just looked at all the blogs and they still have yesterday's stuff up. Hey, I did my blog post today. Why didn't they? I hate the sleepiness of "the holidays."

So there's no news today and no one wrote anything interesting on a blog. Hmmm. And there's nothing on TV but snow talk and plane delays and the dogawful, continuing story of Shopping, the American pastime that substitutes for having a personality. Oy.

But my thoughts today are gleeful because I don't have to rely on anyone else for stimulation. Who cares what the world does? I don't need it because I'm a writer. There is always a voice inside me, calling out for attention. It wants to write and it never lacks for ideas. It's my friend, my mentor, my purpose, my life.

For me, writing fills every day with joy. It's more interesting than anything else I've ever encountered. I get up each day thrilled to return to the chase. Yesterday, for instance, I had a very productive session editing Xmas Carol. I actually axed scenes -- whole scenes! -- to tighten up the story. And today I'll return to this task, a mug of hot espresso at my side.

As the snow falls outside my window (over a foot is on the way, or so they say), I will once again visit the world of Xmas Carol. My day will be stimulating and creative, and when it's over I'll have the satisfaction of knowing I pushed the project along. I don't know how anyone lives without doing something they love.

So enjoy your holidays, people. Sleep, eat and don't worry. Some of us luckier folks will remain on the job and keep the world spinning till you get back.