Saturday, December 10, 2011

A sweet trip to the supermarket

I went to the A&P supermarket with my sister yesterday. We used separate carts and when I finished first, I went outside to wait for her. Lo and behold, what did I see in front of the market but a person jingling a bell over a Salvation Army kettle. Dang!

I'm not quiet. I said to the woman, "Do you know that the Salvation Army discriminates against gay people? A portion of every dollar people throw in this kettle will go toward oppressing gay men, lesbians and transgender people. No one should give money to the Salvation Army."
To her credit, she looked surprised and her expression said she thought it wasn't right to discriminate against GLBT folks. She didn't say a thing but I thought I saw empathy in her reaction. Maybe she didn't know about this before. Now she does. Let's hope she's rung her last bell.

My sister took quite a while to come out so I used the time to perform a public service for everyone who passed by, especially those who wanted to put money into the kettle. People were horrified that I was doing this. They don't see too much of this stuff out here in the woods. Around here, basically nobody knows nuthin' about nuthin'. But hey, I told them. Hopefully one or more of those people will google "Salvation Army" and "anti-gay bigot" and learn more on this topic. And you know what? I think the bell ringer may be one of them.

Don't give your money to the Salvation Army. Find a decent place to make a donation -- or better yet, hand the money directly to a poor person. I think the last approach is the best.

PS: I see Ed Brayton is also on the case today.