Friday, August 23, 2013

IOC "comforted" by Russia's "assurances"

The members of the IOC seems to be mushy dunderheads. Today, they've come out with a new, asinine statement.
International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge said Friday he is "comforted" that Russia has agreed to respect the Olympic Charter's ban on any kind of discrimination following its adoption of a law against gay "propaganda" that has sparked an international backlash. 
Well, isn't that special? I dare say no one else is "comforted" by Russia's threatening statements -- and that's been the only kind they've uttered. Russia keeps saying that it will enforce the law. That's exactly what we don't want to hear. But the IOC is "comforted", so that's all that matters.
"We have received strong oral but also written reassurances that there will be no discrimination for the people who will attend the games in Sochi," Rogge told several reporters after addressing the U.N. General Assembly...
Um, would you mind sharing those reassurances with us? Because we haven't heard anything that could be characterized as an assurance that discrimination against gays won't occur at the games. And note the phrasing: "no discrimination for the people who will attend the games in Sochi". What about the competitors?

Rogge then offers this:
"We are going to inform now all the national Olympic committees, and all the athletes who want to have clarity," he said.
Indeed. We all want clarity. And where would we find that, exactly? Certainly not in your remarks, nor in the statements of Russian bureaucrats. I'd like to hear more about this "clarity" of which you speak.

These are going to be interesting games. There's no doubt about that. And who the hell are these IOC people? This is a group that needs to be thrown out and replaced.