Thursday, August 22, 2013

You know what cheers me up?

One great thing about the battle between rational, thinking people and braindead religious zealots is the difference between the two groups.

I enjoy looking into the empty, dead eyes of those on the wrong side of history. I mean, they look awful. There's no one inside, nobody home in their heads -- and it's apparent to (almost) everyone.

I love that everything they say sounds so stupid to intelligent people, that they don't know how to mount a rational argument, and can't see how hollow their beliefs are.

I love that the enemy doesn't understand the internet. I love that they try to ensure that people in need don't get help. I love that they're obviously hateful gits who wouldn't get into heaven, if heaven was real.

I love the fact that they're dead inside. It gives me uncontrollable giggles.