Friday, August 16, 2013

The crazy "praying mom"

I assume you know about the woman who regularly stood on the steps of a public school preaching to the children about Jesus' wrath, as they entered and left the building? Now she's suing Concord, New Hampshire for banning her from this activity. I found this quote from her lawyer on Ed Brayton's blog this morning.
“We think the facts in this one really matter,” Sharp said. “She was (praying) passively. I think she was providing a great example there of just a mother that is passionate about wanting what’s best for her kids.”
Uh, no. She was actually acting like Carrie White's mother in the movie, "Carrie". But then, many Christians act like this so I guess it can seem normal to them. But this isn't a "praying mom". It's a "crazy mom". She needs a psychiatrist, not a lawyer.