Thursday, July 10, 2014

Consumer Reports chimes in. Better late than never.

Remember way back in the Pleistocene, when I told you not to spray suntan lotion on your kids because it's wildly dangerous? Well, yesterday, Consumer Reports said the same thing -- only they didn't have the balls to tell you exactly what the danger is. They simply say you should avoid spraying suntan lotion on the kiddies. The danger is not, as Consumer Reports suggests, the possibility of allergic reactions and asthma. The danger is (say it with me, kids) nanoparticles. They'll go into your kids' lungs and never come back out. God only knows the harm they'll do in there. One report I saw on the news last night said the companies are still refusing to say exactly what is in these sprays. But sure, go spray them on kids. What the hell, they're only kids.

Two full years have passed since I told you about this danger. How many kids inhaled this stuff between then and now? And why wasn't something said much, much sooner? I'll answer the last question: because the manufacturers of this brand of poison don't want to lose money. That's why your kids will get sick: to increase someone's profits. Welcome to America. USA! USA!

Read both stories, mine and the CR version. And then spend the summer slapping these bottles out of mommies' hands when they're about to spray their unsuspecting kids.

Got that? Good.