Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wingnuts are funny -- Part Eleventy-Six

On Ed Brayton's essential blog, I saw something very funny today. It's a quote from anti-gay hate leader Bryan Fischer. He's super upset over the rainbow-colored paper used by an SF Burger King to celebrate Gay Pride month. Because rainbow-colored paper makes Jesus cry, or something.
On today’s radio program, Bryan Fischer said that the American Family Association is thinking about issuing an “action alert” about it out of concern that “if this isn’t bottled up in San Francisco, this kind of nonsense, then it’s going to be spreading across the entire fruited plain and you’re going to be going to your Burger King in Des Moines, Iowa and you’re going to have a rainbow color wrapper for your Whopper.”
That's just so precious. I think we should toss the standard expression, "Oh, the humanity!" and replace it with "Oh, the fruited plain!" I love it.