Thursday, August 21, 2014

Linda Harvey, vicious anti-gay wingnut

Linda Harvey is one the worst anti-gay bigots in America - and that's saying a lot, given the competition. I bumped into this at Right Wing Watch a couple of days ago. Whoo-ee, Harvey sure does hate gay pride marches.
Harvey: “We need to go to our city councils and stop these parades. I think they are a blight on the community, they communicate exactly the wrong message: that homosexuality and gender change is totally fine, that it’s a big joke, because there are men dressed in feather boas, lipstick and heels in these parades, this is such a raw message to our children especially. My opinion is gay pride parades ought to be banned and we have every reason to do so, there is no redeeming social value, that’s my belief.”
Tch, tch. She sure is touchy. You have to wonder what happened to her as a child. She's so damaged. Well, I think normal kids, both straight and gay, would enjoy watching a gay pride march and would, if anything, feel relieved at seeing "men dressed in feather boas, lipstick and heels in these parades". The message is that all the restrictive sexual norms that adults are so eager to implant in the minds of young people are just nonsense. And that's a good, healthy message.

When you're a kid, you often get a terrible reaction from adults if you step out of line with gender norms. If you're a little girl who hates makeup and likes baseball, or a little boy who likes to play with dolls and enjoys wearing mommy's clothes, you're out of luck. At least, that's what authoritarian parents, school officials and religious leaders would have you believe.

But suddenly, there you are at a gay pride march and you see Dykes on Bikes and drag queens and androgynous people of all sorts. This is refreshing, it's good and healthy. And kids, even if they're stuck with cavemen for parents, probably see a glint of hope. The message is "Hey, you can be what you want to be!" It's like a breath of fresh air.

Linda Harvey is an American monster. She proves this each time she opens her mouth. Google her for a minute or two and you'll realize she's the last person from whom you should take child-rearing advice. This has always been the only rule for parents: Just have fun with your kids and love them and let them be who they are.

I swear, I wish all these ignorant bigots would just disappear, perhaps in their longed-for Rapture. Fine with me as long as they leave. In the meantime, at least Right Wing Watch keeps an eye on them for us. Thank goodness for the internet. May it remain open and free forever.