Monday, April 25, 2011

Is pollen affecting you?

About three days ago, warm, humid air arrived. Yeesh. Made me remember why I dislike summer. And it seems to have acted as a signal for all the plants and trees to release their pollen -- all their pollen, in one rude, sneezey dump. I'm a wreck!

It's hard to think and impossible to function. I've been in a stupor for the past three days. (What with the Vito news, this is probably a blessing). As a result, I'm stumbling through my days and accomplishing almost nothing. This is not good. Today I'm going to try to blast my way through the wall of pollen, using the formidable weapon of espresso. I'm pouring cup after cup into my face. Surely I'll wake up at some point. Surely.

Anyone else under the weather because of pollen? Do tell. (And if you don't get the inside joke in the image caption, and feel left out as a result, see here.)