Saturday, January 7, 2012

The continuing saga of Xmas Carol

Okay, I finished yet another edit of the book. This time through, I changed two scenes drastically. So now I have to read the book again. I know: it's like a sick movie. How many times have I edited this book?! (Pulls hair from head; screams.)

But it had to be done. If I had an editor I'd probably be complaining that he wants me to change this scene or that, wants rewrites, wants cuts, etc. Well, fortunately or unfortunately, I have my own internal editor and I have to do what it dictates. I have done this unfailingly.

As a result, I have reached the promised land (I think). The book may be done. I'll know when I read it. For now, I plan to take Sunday off and enjoy a day of football and horror movies. It makes sense to freshen my outlook before reading the book for the umpteenth time. Soon, my little pretties. Hang on.