Monday, January 30, 2012

Someone noticed

For a year, here on the blog and in my books, I've been pounding on the idea that genius is a thing of the past. There is little or no creativity in American life these days. There are no great artists, song writers, movie makers, authors, etc. Creativity is dead.

Today on Hullabaloo, David Atkins/There Is No Spoon pointed to an article about this very thing. Well, hallelujah. Now that someone's finally written about it (other than me), it's official: creativity is dead. Go read the article. It's three pages; you can do it!

He misses the main thing, though. Genius is gone. You can't blame the world and business for the lack of personal innovation. That's disappeared. We used to have people popping up all over the place, like a burst of fresh air, bringing exciting new ideas and sounds and looks and world-changing projects. Now all we have is people hanging saffron fabric over parks. Genius is dead.