Tuesday, January 3, 2012

People are evil, Part 993b

Have you seen this ad? Could anything be worse for overweight kids than this message? Imagine how this poor girl feels, seeing the ad all over the place. Where are people's brains?

And this was put out by a children's hospital in Georgia! It's called Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and it's obviously run by nitwits. But then, they're everywhere. There's a poll attached to a story about the ad campaign (link above). It asks readers if "this is a smart tactic to fight the childhood obesity epidemic".

When I voted, 51% answered yes to this question. They think it's a "smart tactic". In hell, perhaps.

I swear, people have no moral sense anymore. This is happening because of religion, of course. When the vast majority of Americans rely on a stale old rulebook for moral insight, and believe in angels, they lose contact with real, actual morality (and reality, for that matter). This then causes them to do stupid things like attack overweight kids. This ad is evil and the hospital that produced it should be avoided like poison.