Thursday, August 2, 2012

Be still, my heart!

I was extremely excited to see the news today:
VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI has completed the third installment of his planned trilogy on the life of Christ.
The publication date will be announced after "Jesus of Nazareth" is translated into various languages from the Benedict's original German.
It's a wonder they can announce something like that without using several exclamation marks. And not only will there be a new, exciting Jesus book to read, but I learned of a strange nuance to the art of speaking about a pope. Note the odd language up there: "from the Benedict's original German." 

You can't even say his name now without saying "the" before it? I guess it's kind of like calling Springsteen "the boss". Wow. I mean, I knew there were uppity ways of signing your name if you're a cardinal -- like "Timmy Cardinal Dolan" instead of Cardinal Timmy Dolan. But this one is new. I'm doubly excited!

I wonder what the Benedict is doing right now? No, wait. I'd better not think about that or I'll fall out of my all-but-constant state of sanctifying grace.