Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So much for Dial soap

Triclosan is the active ingredient in deodorants, deodorant-soaps, etc. We've been using it for a long, long time and it is everywhere in our homes (and our waterways). Today's news at physorg suggests this is dangerous:
"The effects of triclosan on cardiac function were really dramatic," said Nipavan Chiamvimonvat, professor of cardiovascular medicine at UC Davis and a study co-author. "Although triclosan is not regulated as a drug, this compound acts like a potent cardiac depressant in our models." 

In addition, the mice had an 18-percent reduction in grip strength for up to 60 minutes after being given a single dose of triclosan. Grip strength is a widely used measure of mouse limb strength, employed to investigate the effects of drugs and neuromuscular disorders. 

Finally, the investigators looked at the effects of triclosan exposure on fathead minnows, a small fish commonly used as a model organism for studying the potential impacts of aquatic pollutants. Those exposed to triclosan in the water for seven days had significantly reduced swimming activity compared to controls during both normal swimming and swim tests designed to imitate fish being threatened by a predator.
Not sure where this will go, but it's important. If anyone is suffering from congestive heart failure, I suggest they get this stuff out of their home immediately.