Monday, December 31, 2012

A future for deleted scenes

When I enjoy a book, it's a hard moment when I reach the last page. All those good feelings, all that enjoyment -- over? Done?! It can't be!

But maybe the book doesn't have to end there. What about all those great scenes the author deleted? And the story lines that were abandoned? And characters that didn't make it into the final version?

When I have time, I think I'll create a few "pages" on the Xmas Carol blog. Apparently you can set up separate pages (in addition to the main web page, in other words) that people access through tabs. I see a "Deleted Scenes" tab coming up in my future.

I want the XC blog to deliver extra value to readers, to give them a solid reason to visit. In addition to interesting posts, the deleted scenes might fit the bill nicely. And then readers can meet Margo, a great deleted character. And what about James, Maria Kennedy's other love interest? Didn't know about that one, did you?

Anyway, food for thought. Also, since Xmas Carol is an ebook, I could easily tack these features on at the end of the book. But I'm not sure that would be a great idea. Still, think about it: ebooks can go on forever if the author keeps adding stuff. Betcha can't do that with paper books.