Sunday, December 30, 2012

Weird weather across the globe

This Christmas proved to be one of weather extremes across Europe. In neighboring France, summer-like temperatures of 24.3 degrees drew holiday goers out to the beaches. But in Russia, Moscow reported temperatures on Boxing Day of minus 25 degrees Celsius and the Siberia region has reported temperatures in recent days as low as minus 60 degrees Celsius. A wave of extreme cold that began in mid-December has resulted in the weather-related deaths of 120 people in Russia, 80 in Ukraine and around 60 in Poland. 
Even as the evidence for climate change piles up around us, humans are doing absolutely nothing to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, we're fracturing the ground we stand on and poisoning the water table -- to extract more oil. (Okay, Ireland and a few other places are indeed trying to staunch the flow of greenhouse gases. But that's miniscule help in these circumstances. What's needed is massive, global change).

Our descendants are going to hate us, and rightly so. We are world-killers, species-killers. We are death incarnate.