Friday, September 20, 2013

But're not trashing the Vatican

It's true. I've been far too kind to the Vatican ever since Francis took over. So let me be clear on the most important point: there is no god. Pope Francis, though he may bring positive change to his church, is still the CEO of a false religion. Nothing he does can ever change that. Say it with me kids: there is no god.

But if this man can make Christianity kinder, I'm all for it. Lately, every time I talk to someone in my local area, Pope Francis' name comes up. People smile like crazy when they talk about him. He's enlivened things and loosened the suffocating strictures that surround religion. And he's driving the evil wingnuts within his church crazy. How could this be a bad thing?

I want Christians to be kind. So does Francis and strictly on that basis, I consider him an ally. I'm sure I'll get back to trashing the Vatican at some point. But right now, the pope is tossing out the trash. I'm all for that.