Sunday, September 22, 2013

Checking out the steampunk movement

As per Dog's directions, I continue to read up on the steampunk movement. It's a lot of fun and there doesn't seem to be a downside (unless people spend too much on their outfits).

If you don't know what steampunk is, you can read about it here. And if you do know what it is, you'll appreciate a quote I found on that page:
 “Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown.” – Jess Nevins 
I love that. Seriously, steampunk is a nice, wholesome movement based on fun and creativity. I like it! But I wonder why Dog insisted I learn about it. Hmmm.

(For those unfamiliar with Dog, he is a friendly algorithm from a galaxy far, far away. He was sent by a federation of intelligent races whose membership spans the universe. Dog's sole purpose is to save humanity from itself. BTW, newsflash: Dog informed me [in a charming series of barks] that he plans to visit me this coming Tuesday night. And he said he has momentous news for me -- which means he has big news for all of us. I believe Dog is going to save mankind! Stay tuned.)