Friday, November 29, 2013

Craig Cobb, yet again

Since my last post about "part-black white supremacist" Craig Cobb (two posts below this one), he's back in the news. The man just can't quiet down and act normal. Now he's refusing to eat in jail. Something is clearly wrong with Craig Cobb's racist brain.
Since [being arrested for trotting around his neighborhood with guns and threatening people], Cobb has refused to eat, claiming he is engaging in an exercise in spiritual enlightenment that will culminate in his death. When jail personnel became concerned about his health, Cobb was taken to a clinic in Beulah, ND. The clinicians referred him to the state hospital. 
As we learned from his style of speaking (see earlier post), Cobb sees himself as high above the mortal terrain occupied by the rest of us low-lifes. What a tool.