Thursday, November 21, 2013

No shame

Remember those two girls who were charged for bullying another girl who jumped to her death, seemingly because of the abuse? Well, after getting off scot-free in court, Katelyn Roman made a bizarre statement on the Today Show.
One of the two girls cleared of driving a 12-year-old Florida girl to suicide says she doesn’t feel guilty about the teen’s death.
Katelyn Roman, 13, made the stunning admission on NBC’s “Today” show Thursday.

“No, I do not feel I did anything wrong,” said Katelyn, speaking publicly for the first time.
That's probably because you're a psychopath, dear. Later in the article, we get a special bonus. Apparently, Katelyn thinks she "learned a lesson" from what happened.
“I learned it’s not OK to bully. When you have a chance, stand up to bullies,” she said.
Stand up to bullies?! Did she actually say that? Does this girl have any clue that she's the bully? Lessons learned, my ass. I think she should run for a Republican seat in the House of Representatives. They'd love her over there.