Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Headline a bit off

There's an AP story at the NYT with an inaccurate headline. It says "Pa. Pastor Who Performed Gay Wedding to Learn Fate".

No. See, Rev. Frank Schaefer already knows his fate. Although he was "convicted" at a church "trial", he will continue to be the decent, loving man that he's always been. That is his fate. As to what the nattering nabobs of his church will do now, who cares? Any punishment they assign will be a judgement on the church, not on him.

I did love one tidbit from the linked article. Early news reports said that the wedding took place long ago. And just as the churchly statute of limitations was about to run out, an unnamed parishioner filed a complaint against him, resulting in the sham "trial". Uh, wait a minute. According to the article, the parishioner was simply being venomous. Surprise, surprise.
And still others left amid disputes over Schaefer's ministry, his administrative skills and his falling-out with the longtime choir director — the mother of the man who eventually filed a complaint against Schaefer over his son's wedding.  
This dear, sweet, Methodist family was just getting back at him. It's not about god's strange edicts, after all. It's payback.

Never forget: God is love.