Saturday, March 1, 2014

Kindle stuff

Two things:

1. I increased the price of Xmas Carol to $5.99. Lots of people urged me to do this (even Annie and my dentist, fer god's sake). I tried to fight them off but in the end, I succumbed. Let's see how the book does at the new price.

2. I always wondered about the option to "lend" a purchased Kindle title. I knew you could do it but didn't know the specifics. Here's how it works: you can lend the book to someone for 14 days. (I assume it disappears in puff of smoke after two weeks.) And then you can lend it to others. This is apparently an effort to duplicate the ease with which we can lend physical books. To lend your copy, just go to the Xmas Carol page and you'll find a link asking if you'd like to lend the book. I think this is a great idea. If you've read Xmas Carol, lend it to someone. They'll thank you.

Okay, back to the polar vortex. We're expecting another foot of snow on Sunday. Jeebus.