Friday, March 7, 2014

Not suspicious at all

I'm amazed that phishing ever works. I just got the following, allegedly from Optimum Online. Uh-huh. 
You are highly expected to update your email account by clicking on the link below,as you are required to fill and submit the

On failure to adhere to the given instruction your email account will be

Optimum Online.
Optimum Support Team.
Cuz that's just how we talk here in America. Seriously, how does anyone fall for these poorly constructed scams? I love the way the words "form" and "blocked" are pushed to the following line by a nervous finger on the return key. Plus, the lack of a space after the first comma, and the addition of periods after both lines in the sign-off are just plain wrong. These folks can't think or type correctly, which is par for the course for phishing scammers. They never seem to get it right.

Here's an interesting question. Judging by the words and cadence of the email, what country do you think the scammers are from? I'd say Russia. The email has that officious, out-of-it tone that's so popular in Russia. I could be wrong, of course. What do you think? Russian?