Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cuomo: the make-believe progressive

Governor Cuomo is a joke. He's been making all these noises to sound progressive, but it's just not there.

His latest scam has been to tell all and sundry that he'd sign a medical marijuana bill as long as it met his personal requirements. Well, we just found out what those nebulous "requirements" were, when he put the kibosh on a perfectly good medical marijuana bill that was sent to him for his signature. It's a no go. And why?

He was upset that there was no provision forbidding smoking it. Srsly. That's his story and he's sticking to it.
"This was supposed to be for very serious diseases. There's not supposed to be loopholes you can drive a truck through."
Like...(ahem)...smoking it. I guess he thinks smoking cigarettes is helpful too -- unless you, you know, use your mouth.

The man is a joke, he's always been a joke, and anyone who falls or his shtick is a fool. Dog help us if this guy becomes president (which is the only thing he wants to do).