Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The oddness of the rightwing brain

Seriously, how do rightwingers become so deluded? The following is a display of one typical brain dysfunction they seem to suffer on a daily basis. It comes from the Southern Baptist Convention, where they just elected a new leader who's sticking with the whole anti-GLBT bigotry thing:
On Tuesday at their annual meeting in Baltimore, members of the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution opposing efforts by governments to "validate transgender identity as morally praiseworthy."
What goes on their brains that makes them see the according of equality as equivalent to the awarding of praise? That's nothing more than a brain fart, and they do it all the time. To say gays are equal to straights, to say transfolk are equal to cisfolk, is to them, the equivalent of awarding an Oscar to the person. 

This is similar to their cries about gay marriage being a threat to straight marriage. How, exactly? Show us one straight marriage that has been affected in any way by a gay marriage.

I'm waiting. Oh, actually, I just remembered that I have to go give some gay guy an award -- just for being so wonderful, you know? Be right back.