Saturday, June 28, 2014

Waiting (forever) for Scrivener for IOS

If you're waiting anxiously for the IOS version of Scrivener, as I am, you'll probably be interested in the newsflash I received from Scrivener this morning:
We're still working on it... I sincerely apologize to all our users who have been waiting so long for our iOS version. We really should have kept it under our hats for much longer, until it was nearly ready, rather than announcing it so long ago and making wild - and wildly inaccurate - guesses about when it would be ready. Right now it is undergoing finishing touches to the interface, before we implement the Dropbox syncing code and start putting it through its paces in a thorough bout of testing. We're still a few months away from release, furiously trying to ensure we make our putative 2014 release date, but it is getting there, even if from the outside progress understandably seems glacial.
Well, it doesn't seem glacial, exactly, but it's taking more time than we'd like. And by "we", I mean all the writers who rely on Scrivener. It truly is the best writing software in the world. For me, the best thing about Scrivener for IOS will be the ability to carry all my writing projects on my iPad, which goes everywhere with me. That sounds like heaven.

So maybe by Xmas? That would be a lovely gift.