Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cuomo's Roman Catholic medical marijuana law

Andrew Cuomo is so Roman Catholic. Because of him, there is now a medical marijuana bill in New York that says patients can't, ahem, smoke it or cook it. (Nice work, Andrew!) All you can do is buy it in final form (oil or, presumably, prepared products that you can eat) from a sea of middlemen (who will raise the price, of course). In other words, you'll never ever see a bud of marijuana. (To do so might send you directly to hell, and Andy doesn't want that for your soul.) And did I mention there's also a tax? Nice work, Andy. You've ruined the whole concept.

But this is so Catholic. You know how Roman Catholics are: they're joy-killers. "You can have sex -- but not in that position!" And "You can get married -- but not to that person!" It's what Catholicism does: it ruins virtually everything by injecting guilt into the process although there's absolutely nothing to feel guilty about.

The pope would love this proposal. Patients, not so much. Can you just imagine what it would be like to have this bozo as president? I think he'd end up being the "half-assed president". Digby put it well today. First she quoted Don Hazen's Nanny Cuomo post:
In a cringeworthy move that will be compared with Bill Clinton's much lampooned line, "I smoked pot, but I didn't inhale," New York governor Andrew Cuomo says you may need cannabis for medical reasons, but you can't smoke it. Why? Because it is too dangerous, says Cuomo, ignoring tons of data showing that pot smoking is far less dangerous and more beneficial than alcohol. But Cuomo, for reasons that are unclear and open to severe head scratching, continues to remain in the Dark Ages when it comes to pot.
And then Digby added: "He must be daft enough to think it's true. Nobody could possibly be so politically tone deaf as to think that people will think that's some kind of reasonable compromise instead of a completely stupid attempt to have it both ways."

Back to me: Having it both ways is the essential Catholic stance. Welcome to the Vatican version of medical marijuana. I bet the drug will end up costing way more than dope from your local dealer. Because that's what compassionate care is all about: making people's lives more difficult. Thanks, Cuomo!