Friday, July 29, 2011

The new DVR arrived. Thank dog!

My baseball blackout is over. The new DVR came within two days. Not bad, Directv, not bad.

On the other hand, jeez. You've ruined everything. The last DVR and remote Directv supplied me with (the one that died) was great. That's it on the left. It fit in your hand like magic. You could literally watch TV with the thing sitting in your hand, and not be aware of it. The contours were made in heaven! (Don't get carried away; there is no heaven.)

The replacement system came with a remote shaped like a brick. Nice going, Directv. It's always great to move backward. That's just what we're looking for in life. Additionally, it's a totally different software setup and the remote has a longish lag time. It's no longer responsive. You click . . . and at some point something happens. Oy.

I could go on and on about the software's failings. The GUI seems to have been built by an idiot. Sigh. But baseball's back. I guess I'll settle for that.

Ever had a company ruin something you loved, by putting out a "new, improved" version of it? Do tell in the comments.