Sunday, July 31, 2011

Racist principal at Bronx Catholic HS?

Apparently that's exactly what this guy is. Here's an excerpt from an article at the New York Daily News site today:
A firebrand educator with ties to a white supremacist group is running a Bronx Catholic school where most of the students are black and Latino, the Daily News has learned.
It goes on to say:
In 2004, Borzellieri wrote the book "Don't Take It Personally: Race, Immigration, Crime and Other Heresies," in which he declares "diversity is a weakness" and says the rising black and Hispanic populations in America will lead to the "New Dark Age."

He has also written frequently for the white supremacist publication American Renaissance, with which he is still "intimately involved," the non-profit Southern Poverty Law Center says.
And of course, the dimwitted Roman Catholic priest angle comes into the story:
Mount Carmel pastor, the Rev. Eric Rapaglia, said he knew of Borzellieri's views, but didn't "see any cause for concern" when he hired him to run the 200-student elementary school.
Of course not. What possible problem could arise from putting a white supremacist in charge of a largely minority school body? So he appoints Borzellieri principal and the guy goes on to ban books about other races and minorities, including a biography of Martin Luther King, Jr. He also fired an openly gay teacher and instituted a policy whereby discussion of homosexuality is banned from the classroom.

Shucks, he's just a good ol' boy. I'm sure the Nazi pope would approve. No problema. Meanwhile, this lunatic is still the principal.

PS (in case you didn't notice): This is what happens when you substitute religious "rules" for actual, you know, morality. The Roman Catholic church has no moral center. None.