Thursday, July 21, 2011

US government totally controls MSNBC

It's official. MSNBC tossed Cenk Uygur's show because he spoke truth to power.
Uygur said that, in April, MSNBC president Phil Griffin called him in for a talk. Griffin allegedly told him that "people in Washington" were concerned with his tone on the show.
Cenk also reported that MSNBC told him to have more GOP guests on the show. This, of course, would be impossible since Uygur doesn't just sit there while GOP blowhards burp up their breakfast and call it wisdom. And clearly, if you want to bring the truth to people there's no sense in having anyone from the GOP on your show. It's just a time-out from rational conversation. (And this is why I don't watch Bill Maher, who sucks up to these idiots.)

In any case, Cenk's out and will be a guest on Keith Olbermann's Current TV show tonight (Thursday). Tune in. Should be fun!