Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Catholic morality story

I love this one. It happened in Milwaukee, in the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay. As usual, Catholic authority figures showed that that they can't tell right from wrong. (This is a GOP/Conservative problem as well; they're all the same ignorant gits: people without empathy.) You really have to go read it for yourself, but here are the highlights:
Washinawatok said her 12-year-old daughter, Miranda, interpreted the words "Hello" and "I love you" and then added how to say "thank you" [in the language of her people, the Menominee Tribe] when talking to two girls in class Jan. 19. She said Gurta overheard and "slammed her hands down on the desk and stated, 'You are not to speak like that. How do I know you're not saying something bad? How would you like if I spoke in Polish and you didn't understand?'"

The girl was benched from a basketball game later that day for having "an attitude problem," Washinawatok said she was told.
Here's the historical background:
Washinawatok explained the issue is sensitive because tribal members used to be beaten for speaking their language in the schools, which is part of the reason they are losing their language.
This is a situation that we liberals can understand in a heart-beat. On the other hand, Conservatives, Republicans and Roman Catholic authority figures never understand something like this because it requires empathy.

So what does the Catholic school teacher say in her "apology letter" to the family?
In Gurta's Feb. 22 letter, she wrote her "firm reactions" were not intended to single out the girl or the language. She said Miranda spoke to her in a disrespectful manner several times that day and had behaved inappropriately on other days as well.
"Unfortunately, the actions of your daughter were not brought to your attention as quickly as they should have been, and for this I apologize," Gurta wrote.
Isn't that perfect? It's just the sort of thing these people say when they're caught with their pants down. Their credo is to never admit you've done wrong, never understand the nature of that wrong, and never apologize in any real way. This was a dreadful thing for the teacher to have done, and when it was explained to her, when the stabbing nature of the offense was made fully clear . . . she didn't even apologize for it. No, her only fault was in not bringing the student's faults to the parents' attention sooner. Nice.

Just imagine what heaven must be like, filled to the brim with these hateful gits. Maybe it's just me but that sure sounds like hell.