Tuesday, March 20, 2012

HUGE plastic food containers

Lately, I see these tremendous, clear plastic containers of pretzels in all the food stores. This strikes me as a very foolish idea.

Let's see . . . you buy a big container of pretzels, eat them in an evening as you watch The 600-Pound Man on the "Learning Channel" and then toss the container in the garbage the next morning. That afternoon, you buy 5 more of the containers at the big box store. Fer dog's sake, you're going to fill an entire suburban landfill in two years all by yourself if you keep that up.

I think if they're going to sell a quickie food item in a big container that will last 5,000 years, they should have a few restrictions put on the sales. Like customers should have to sign a legal agreement stating that they will care for the container for the rest of their lives. And they have to name a descendant that they will pass the container on to, upon their death. And that descendant must sign an agreement that he or she will do the same.

Or they can't buy a million pretzels. Think ahead people. You're killing the planet with your goddamn junk.

Full disclosure: I bought one and will protect it to my dying day