Friday, September 28, 2012

Another Christian leader hides child abuse

This time the news is out of Chattanooga. But it's the same old thing: a Christian in a position of power tried to hide an employee's child abuse.
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) — The head of a Tennessee college has apologized for trying to suppress a student newspaper story about a professor arrested on child sex charges. 
Yup, that was the action taken by Bryan College President Stephen Livesay. Bryan College is, of course, a Christian school. When a Christian leader hears about an employee abusing children, he does what they all do: tries to sweep the issue under the rug. After all, it was only children who were harmed. But a student at Bryan College wouldn't go along with the president's edict.
Editor Alex Green decided to distribute the story himself, placing flyers across campus Monday. It reported the resignation of Biblical studies professor David Morgan after he was arrested during an FBI child molestation sting in Georgia.

Livesay said that in hindsight, killing the newspaper story "might have been a mistake." He said he had originally hoped to protect the professor's privacy. 
That's always the excuse. They were just trying to protect the adult predator because of "privacy" issues. Didn't work out too well for Livesay. His school is now the object of national derision. And that tepid excuse is all he can come up with, even now! That perhaps "in hindsight" it "might have been a mistake." He still doesn't know that he did something that was immoral. Sounds just like Christians to me.

Morality and Christianity have nothing in common. Morals exist out here in the world. You won't find them in some dusty old book.