Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Gospel of Jesus' Wife, Edna

Okay, I made up the "Edna" part. But according to HuffPo (so you really can't believe it), they've found a bit of papyrus from Jesus' day. And on the fragment, as clear as day, Jesus refers to his "wife". Appropriately, they're calling this "The Gospel of Jesus' Wife".

Isn't this a hoot? The pope must be apoplectic. First his cute butler turns on him, and now this. What's a pope to do? This is the extra-special fun part:
The idea that Jesus was unmarried and chaste is largely accepted by Christian denominations and forms the backbone of the practice of celibacy among Roman Catholic priests.
At the Vatican, I imagine they're hearing the immortal, "Dum Te Dum-Dum". Which either means they need an antacid fast, or their whole Jesus story is about to crash to Earth. Seriously: fun times at the Vatican. I wish I could listen in.

Update: I see it's at the NY Times, too. Welcome, Edna!