Friday, September 28, 2012

All-male Vatican says "Jesus' wife" papyrus is fake

While scholars suspect the bit of papyrus is a fake, the Vatican has no doubts at all:
VATICAN CITY (Reuters) — An ancient papyrus fragment which a Harvard scholar says contains the first recorded mention that Jesus may have had a wife is a fake, the Vatican said on Friday.  
Christian tradition has long held that Jesus was not married and the Catholic Church, by far the largest in Christendom, says women cannot become priests because Christ chose only men as his apostles
So the experts suspect a fake but the Vatican is convinced it's a fake. One wonders if all-male infallibility entered into this assessment. It must be faaabulous to be able to speak unassailable truth any time you want to. This sort of thing comes in handy when your whole, dilapidated, men-only, rapist-assisting establishment is talk of Jesus respecting a woman and alluding to her as a disciple. That is abhorrent! Women are mere chattel, unfit for anything but reproducing. The papyrus must be the work of Satan!