Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Priest says something sensible

I don't know where they found this guy, but he's great. Remember last week when I wrote about the lunacy of involving religious representatives in plans for a starship voyage 100 years from now? Well, guess who thinks this is a bad idea (other than me):
"The only way humanity can survive is if they leave behind the Earth-based religions," charged Rev. Alvin Carpenter, pastor at First Southern Baptist Church West Sacramento. "If there's any way to make this fail, bring Earth-bound religions."

Religions, he argued, breed aggression and conflict, citing the violent history of his own faith, Christianity, in episodes such as the Inquisition and the Crusades. Many religions' negative stance on homosexuality has driven young gay people to commit suicide, he said.

"When you bring a religion on a starship, you bring the toxicity that we have seen on Earth," Carpenter argued. "This is something that we do not wish to export to the stars."

"All it takes is one charismatic fundamentalist, with a Bible or a Koran in his or her hand," to spark conflict aboard a starship, he added. (snip)
"I think space-born religion is going to be based on science," he said.
It's refreshing to hear a "reverend" speak this way. So how do we get rid of Earth's religions? They have the same poisonous effect down here that they'd have in space. Religion is the scourge of humanity. It has to go.