Saturday, November 17, 2012

You know you're getting old when...

So "Twinkies maker" Hostess is going out of business. Who cares? Did they ever make anything by using, you know, food as an ingredient? I always imagined Hostess creating their "baked goods" in a dark basement, using only chemicals. But never mind that.

You know you're old when they're mourning the death of Twinkies. I mean, Twinkies are some new-fangled product. I'm from the pre-Twinkies era. To me, Hostess means chocolate cupcakes with a friendly white squiggle across the top. But these weren't even mentioned in any article or news story I saw. Now that tells me I'm old.

I used to love eating Hostess cupcakes, the forgotten product. In fact, if I had a couple in the house, I'd eat them right now, chemicals and all. But seriously, the absence of any mention of the cupcakes made me feel old. Any other oldsters out there having this reaction?

PS: I tried a Twinkie once. Horrible!