Friday, January 24, 2014

Alaskan candidate for US Senate speaks in tongues

Via Ed Brayton's blog, I learn that Kathleen Tonn, a nitwit up north, is running for the US Senate in Alaska. And she speaks in tongues. Have you ever wondered why these evangelical fools speak in tongues? It's quite simple, really. Here's Tonn's explanation.
“Speaking in tongues or singing in tongues is very valuable because the message cannot be understood by Satan. But the Holy Spirit can use that message to bring deliverance, to bring clarity, to bring discerning and words of wisdom and knowledge. And tongues is interpreted by a person who has the gift of interpretation,” she explained.
See? It's totally sensible. Alaskans really come up with some major wingnuts, don't they? I'll bet Sarah Palin is totally jealous of this woman.

Ed's got a video of Tonn in action at the link. Speaking in tongues! It's just amazing. Religious people are so strange. And yes, I mean all of them. If you believe in fairytales, I get to call you strange.