Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's too cold to blog

It's a balmy 14 degrees at 3 in the afternoon in upstate NY, where I hold court. Going down to 1 tonight. And then there's the wind to consider. It's cold. As I said recently, I don't recall this intense a cold spell in New York. It seems downright strange.

On last night's local news, as a reporter was doing cold man in the street interviews in Times Square, he stuck a microphone in the face of an old Canadian man. I was surprised to hear the fellow say that this cold was worse than anything he'd experienced in Canada. And these old Canadian guys know their cold!

The good thing about cold weather, of course, is that when you get inside everything seems so cozy. Cozy is the winter god and it's so easy to summon up. You just grab a cup of espresso, turn up the heat and voila: cozy. This is a trick that summer cannot do. Try to picture a cozy summer scene. See? Summer is not cozy. It's free and relaxed and sweaty, but cozy? Never. That belongs to winter.

Anyway, the news today is the same old irrational stuff that we see every day. There was nothing there to inspire a blog post. So instead of blogging, I'm going to hunker down in my extremely cozy house. Mmmmmm. Nice.

Tch. It seems I accidentally wrote a blog post. Whatever. Mmmm, espresso! Stay warm, kiddies. It's the prime imperative.