Monday, January 6, 2014

Restive Supreme Court kills gay marriage in Utah

In the holy district of Washington, D.C., excitable members of the restive Supreme Court of the Booyah States of America reached out and touched someone -- actually, lots of someones -- by putting the kibosh on gay marriage in Utah. And nope, they didn't state a reason. I guess someone over there plain old got a bug up his or her ass.

So no more gay marriage in Utah for the time being. And if this should go the wrong way, the 900 marriages that were already consummated may be invalidated. That would affect (ahem) 1,800 people who, you know, love each other.

I wonder if Scalia or Thomas had anything to do with this. Nah, they're good, pious people. They would never harm anyone, especially for a spurious reason. Actually, the only name that appears in the linked article is dear, sweet liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Listen, kids. I'm a New Yorker and this is where she plied her trade before scoring her permanently-tenured, big-time gig.

Back in the day, I detested her. It seemed that whenever it really counted, she ruled the wrong way. So I'm not surprised by this news. And hey, Sotomayor is the one who just gave the nuns the stay against the Obama administration's evil socialist insurance plan. Because Jesus.

Now, I understand these aren't decisions. They mean little in terms of a final resolution. But still. 

(Blogger sighs, shakes head, returns to daily life.)